Preparing for a prayer meeting

How do we prepare?  Tonight I am going out at 8pm to the Beehive for our fortnightly prayer for revival.

We normally kick off the meeting with a couple of songs, but it’s pretty informal.  We do not usually have instruments, but I am thinking: perhaps I’ll take my guitar tonight.  Sometimes we start off in a bad key and that can be a struggle!

A month ago, as we were leaving, one of the older attenders got on his bike, and fell off before he started cycling.  He has been in constant back pain – ‘decompression’ since then.  Pray that his back makes a quick recovery.

So, to preparation: a scripture, a cry out to God for a watch on my heart.  Why am I going out tonight to pray, on a Friday night?  For the following reasons:

1. Bognor needs Jesus

2. If I don’t pray, who will?

3. I need to pray with others to create that unity in the Spirit.

4. We are to pray always without ceasing.

5. We are commanded to pray.

6. I could sit here and pray on my own, but I may get distracted.

7. I need to pray for revival.

Last Sunday at my church I spoke out the Scripture: “The desert and the parched land will be glad;
    the wilderness will rejoice and blossom. Like the rose“.  This is what I want to pray tonight, because I know my spirit is often a desert, and I want to be filled with His Spirit and living in what I have been given.  I do not lack anything because I am in Christ.  He is all my supply and all my satisfaction.  I am His and He is mine.

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