Report on January Concert


I want to start getting testimonies up on the website here, and to refresh the content regularly.  There was a first at the Concert this time: in fact a couple of firsts.  Ethan led the worship, and this was the first time that we’d welcomed him to one of our Concerts.

Secondly, we did some corporate declarations when we came back together after praying in groups.  The group prayer was good, and because I circulated round the groups, I got a sense of the range and depth of the prayers that were being prayed.  Yes, some of the groups were very large, which meant that we were ‘waiting our turn’ for too long – I have to say that this doesn’t always happen at prayer meetings!  What excited me as I prayerfully looked around, was that we had seven prayer meetings going on in one room.  I know that I get a leap in my spirit when I hear others praying the very thing I would pray (if I could verbalise it!).  And to know that this is being prayed out in different areas, at slightly staggered times, is awesome too.

When we came back together, I asked if people had anything to share.  Kate Pollard shared a vision (which I need to ask her to remind us of if she can) and so did Beryl France.  Then I asked us all to stand up and pray out loud.  I was so moved and thankful that everyone did their best at this – I know that not all of us pray in the same way. My stumbling prayers I’m quite happy to shout out with everyone else at once.  It really is a test of our faith in God as an all-hearing, all-seeing God when we pray at the same time, but I don’t expect the Lord even notices.

We then made some declarations – here they are in case you want to pray them again.  As I had been circulating round the groups, I felt it was right to make some declarations and I had literally jotted them down in my journal just before we came back together.  I had also felt that I should write them on alternate lines, which was very helpful, because I went back through them and added a few lines into the spaces:

We are your people in Bognor

We are here for You

And we declare

We are sons and daughters of God

We are one in Jesus

We also declare

We will keep on praying for Bognor

And pray in the harvest

Change our hearts, Lord,

Strengthen our vision,

Increase our unity,

Increase our love for each other

And help us to know You more.


As I spoke these lines out, and as we declared them, there was a powerful sense of unity and agreement in the room.  There were people from several different churches in the town, and that didn’t matter.  We don’t identify ourselves by churches on Prayer Concerts.  We are one in Jesus, and that is what is exciting.

The next prayer Concert is scheduled for Tues 21st April at OpenGate church, and I hope to see you there.

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