Daily Prayer

The prayer below is aimed at helping us to receive more of the Holy Spirit, and follows the seven steps that R.A. Torrey identified are necessary to receive a baptism in the Spirit (which is an experience additional to salvation, although it may come at the same time).  Use it prayerfully to get more help for daily living:

Father, I repent of all my known sin and ask you to show me any wicked way in me.  I am trusting fully in the finished work of Jesus for salvation.  I surrender my will to Yours today, and ask for strength to fully obey You in everything I ought to do and all You prompt me to do.  I know that as a good Father you will give the Holy Spirit to anyone if they ask, and I know it’s Your will that I might be filled with the Holy Spirit, so Jesus I ask You to send Your Spirit on me now in power and grace, that I may serve You effectively today and bring much glory to Your name in what I do, say and think.  Thank You for saving me and for calling me to join in Your glorious and eternal work.  Amen.

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