Dreaming about Prayer

Let me do a bit of dreaming.  It says in Joel that your young men will dream dreams – I like to think that I’m still young!  I have been reading about the National Prayer Weekend, where it is encouraging us to gather prayer requests from our community, and bring them before God in prayer.  What an opportunity to make the nation aware of the power and the activity of prayer!  It does no harm to try!  There are many things that we attempt, that even cost us money, and we cannot guarantee success.

How can we dream this event into being on the 25th to the 27th September in Bognor?  I dream of a unity among the churches, where Christians are crossing the thresholds perhaps of churches they didn’t realise existed, in order to purposefully pray, for someone they have never met, but who LIVES IN THEIR COMMUNITY and has reached out and asked for prayer.

No one else, but those who have received the gift of faith from God, and become clothed in Christ’s righteousness, is equipped to pray for the world.  Who else can the desperate turn to?  Last weekend, there were thirty or more people who asked for prayer on the streets of Bognor, because there were Christians there to offer prayer!  Let’s wake up, church, and walk as Jesus walked.

I noticed that in James chapter 5 it makes an astonishing claim – it says that Elijah was a man with a nature such as ours, and he prayed, and it changed the weather.  It also says that the effective fervent prayer of a righteous person avails much.  How many lives will be transformed if we just take the brave step of offering prayer, in our schools, in our businesses, on our streets, to our friends.  If we lose something – what did Christ lose on our behalf?  And if we gain something – it will be for His glory.

Follow the link to find out more about the National Prayer Weekend, and please get involved.

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