Lighthouse Prayer Autumn 2015


Lighthouse Prayer is an inter-church (or no church) gathering for all those who want to pray for revival and change to come in Bognor Regis and surrounding areas.  We regularly get visitors, sometimes from other towns, who are extremely welcome, but there is also a core of us who meet regularly.


There will be a chance to grab a drink, and we would normally sing (without instruments) perhaps a couple of songs and then move into prayer.  Please come ready to pray (perhaps seeking the Lord beforehand) as we only have an hour.  Aim to follow the lead of the Holy Spirit, but the focus is always to seek Him for revival.  If you arrive at around 8pm we always finish on 9pm – you may leave a little later if you are chatting to others.  It is a good opportunity to regularly meet with believers from different churches – please come!

The planned dates for Prayer for this term are:

Fri 11th Sept

Fri 25th Sept – Note, this is National Prayer Weekend, and we will meet from 7:30pm.  Please bring prayer cards with you with prayer requests from the community on.  (See for prayer cards).

Fri 9th Oct

Fri 23rd Oct

Fri 6th Nov.

Fri 20th Nov.

Fri 4th Dec.

Fri 18th Dec.

Fri 1st Jan.

Fri 15th Jan.

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