24-7 Prayer Bognor here we come!



Dan Clarke of Open Gate Church – not a church leader, just a normal guy – has got this off the ground – Chichester Baptist Church are doing a Beacon Prayer 24/3 next weekend as a response to the challenge to the Baptist Union to pray more, and after reading Red Moon Rising by Pete Greig, and seeing the amazing work going on with the Healing Teams led up by Barry and Elaine Verokken, he is inspired to pray for what is going on in Bognor and for more to be seeded.  He approached me only a week before the October Prayer Concert, and myself and Jon Adair confirmed that we felt this was right to go ahead.  When Dan spoke to Jon Rouffet, Lieutenant at the Salvation Army, the next day as he saw him at swimming lessons for their children, Jon straight away volunteered the Salvation Army church and community centre, and now we already have 13 of the 168 slots filled.  They will go quickly, so visit and sign up!

We launched the news about the week of 24-7 last week at the Prayer Concert at Open Gate.  Another pressing prayer need emerged, which is for the future of Arun Angels in the town.  We will be praying for the local ministries, and above all that we see this town transformed and put on the map because God is at work here.

Practical Points

Although we said the 24-7 is starting from 7pm to 7pm, on our schedule, apologies, it’s from 8pm til 8pm!  We are asking that during evening hours, so that would be from 10pm onwards, either make sure that you are not praying alone, or check the schedule so that you know who you will be opening the door to at the end of the hour.  For example, if your home group from church all want to pray on the same night, then it will be a familiar face you are ‘letting in’ to the building!

The slots are already starting to get populated, so please do go on to the planner and book some slots in unless you want to miss out.  Having said that, feel free to get in touch with others and come along at the same time as people you know.  We are planning to kick the week off with an hour of prayer with church leaders, and also finish the week in the same way – but if you want to be a part of this, please just let us know.


Arrive at the prayer room on Queensway, NOT the normal entrance by the small hard-standing for parking at the Salvation Army, but round the corner, past the main hall, where there is a keycode entrance.  We will arrange for a buzzer that will sound in the prayer room, so that someone can come down and let you in.  Please remember that during the night we do not want to make too much noise while outside!  You can park a car round the other side if you like, or on the Fitzleet carpark opposite, which either has a two hours free slot with a blue parking card, or is free after 6pm.

How to pray

As with other prayer rooms, although our room is quite small, there will be a few visual or creative activities to help focus your prayer.  You will start off thinking that an hour is a long time, but it will soon fly by.  We would recommend that you book a slot earlier in the week, and then later as well, as there will be a different focus later on, and a room soaked in prayer is a good place to be!

The Night-Time Hours

It is usual that the night hours are the most difficult to fill.  If you are prepared to sleep over by the prayer room for a night and just help to take responsibility for those in the prayer room (and of course pray for some of that time!) we may just be interested in you helping out.  Why not encourage young people in your church, or those without early morning getups, to fill some of the night shifts.  They are often some of the most incredible times of prayer.


There will be a phone in the room which anyone can text prayers into, or use to get in touch.  There is also a Facebook group which you might like to be a part of, to help follow what is taking place during the week.  The prayer room itself may at times overflow out into other spaces in the church, where we have bulges in the booking, so don’t feel that you have to stay away because the slots are filled.


  1. bridget mcgrory · October 28, 2015

    Hi Ben Can you help please. I have booked encounter team to pray and it should be from 10-12am, can you delete the nine o’clock slot. I have tried but failed.

    Many thanks Bridget.

    Sent from my Windows Phone ________________________________


    • benleney · October 31, 2015

      Hi sorry for delay I have done this now. many thanks!


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