Sharing Book 2


Thursday to Sun night Nov 2015

Praying for Bognor I felt like people often think ‘can anything good come out of Bognor?’ just like they thought about Jesus ‘can anything good come out of Nazareth?’ Here, in this room, are examples of people who are agents of change in this town.  Flowers in a desolate place.  I feel positive that there are people who love Bognor and prayer and action will change things.

Bognor be proud be strong for the Lord your God is with you.  Seeing Bognor’s gifts.  Celebrating what is great, releasing joy and love for more, greater things.  Psalm 145 Praying for greater positivity about our town.


Jesus is knocking at our door.  Seeking the welcome he deserves.   If any of us are willing, He will come in and share Himself and His plans with us.  Blessed be the Lord God, the God of Israel, who only does wondrous things.  Blessed be His glorious name forever…. Let the whole earth be filled with His glory Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen


Group of 8-10 people came and prayer walked round Bognor.  Jamie spoke about tree of life in the middle of Bognor where there used to be a church.  One felt angelic activity.  Flowers in the desert and beautiful Bognor!


Visited by Open Gate youth and Salvation Army children – praying for revival in Bognor Regis, especially among the youth


Less stress in Bognor – more healing of hearts, minds and bodies…Open your doors to the spiritually hungry and thirsty so they may drink and live!


Lighthouse Prayer: we took Scriptures off the walls and declared them.  We prayed for Arun Angels and for new vision and volunteers, and for the Gideons.


Inspired by Eva Rouffet’s tent decoration – God’s kingdom lives – and William Booth ‘Making heaven on earth is our business.’


Saw numerous fiery arrows flow towards the prayer requests on the prayer wall – arrows landing in each one.  His presence manifest.


We stood in front of the map of Bognor and prayed for children and for God’s love (as fathers of adopted children).  We stood in front of the end prayer wall, and prayed that the prayer needs become stories, and thanked God for his healing, and asked him to help us take and carry more any prayers/needs that needed further prayer.  Your healing is all around us!

We also prayed for a new dawn for our beautiful town, as the dark night became lighter, and as the sun was becoming ready to rise.


Hotch-potch, or maybe potpourri prayer time.  Prayed for ‘prayer room’ situations.  Praying for those in churches who are on the ‘fringe’, perhaps getting used to being accepted for who they are, that God would break through and bring transformation to their lives and their families, for the mums who bring their children, that husbands and partners would be saved too.  May heaven come down and glory fill their soul!  For Mess Church in this building and in other churches, that families, especially the vulnerable and dysfunctional would find acceptance, love and a relationship with Jesus.


This week I have visited the prayer room many times, lots of different things brought me here.  But Thursday morning I brought a friend up and I have always been very shy about speaking a prayer, but Thurs 19th I said my first spoken prayer and it was the most amazing uplifting experience.  I truly felt connected to our Lord, I feel new and stronger in my faith and I feel so very blessed to have had the opportunity to reaffirm my love of God.  Amen.IMG_0245

Sharing Book November 2015 24/7

So here are some excerpts from the Sharing Book – that orange/red small notebook in the prayer room that you could scribble in:

Mon 16th Nov

Bit sleepy! But there is a sense of life even at 5am here in Bognor.  Prayed for Olli and Sarah in Plymouth, for the Arun Angels.  A Monday morning is another gospel opportunity for our God!  My cry is for an increase in personal holiness, and a daily burden to see souls saved and lives changed to know the reality of Jesus.


Praying for all the leaders of churches in Bognor and surrounding villages that God will guard their marriages and families.  That he will restore brokenness and bless family life.  For the children of the area, that God would comfort those from broken homes and be the cuddle that they need and miss.


When writing out my ‘confessions’ the pen kept running out; it was as if God was saying, they’re already forgiven and forgotten, erased.  Thank You Lord, Jesus, Saviour! Amazing presence of God here – we want more of You Lord (and to pray more here).


If like me you read Red Moon Rising a little while ago, or in the old edition, I can understand why you might think ‘Been there done that’.  (If, can I say, you have never read it, apparently like the leader of 24/7 Prayer Movement Brian Heasley, then you really ought to put it on your current reading list!).

However, it was free on Kindle for one day during our 24/7 prayer week last week, and I grabbed it (it’s still only 99p on Kindle) and I’ve started reading it now.  Chapter 19 on Boiler Rooms is amazing, and the introduction and foreword are also great.  I do not remember reading this material quite like this – so I highly recommend it!

For example early days in the Reading Boiler Room (you’ll need to go to chapter 19 to get more of the lowdown):


Imagine this.  It’s lunchtime and things are quietly chugging along, with a few people praying, a few people chatting.  And then, within thirty minutes, 150 young people arrive, thirty of whom are outside drinking beer and spirits out of plastic bottles.  Some are aggressive, and a boom box on the street is blasting out twisted Satanic lyrics to the entire neighbourhood.  About thirty skaters have made themselves at home in the car-park area.  Only two members of staff on duty.

Andy [Freeman] recounts what happened on that particular occasion: ‘The alcohol and the music we dealt with.  One guy came inside and blasphemed very loudly, only to be reprimanded by his friend: ‘Jason, don’t swear!  God lives here.’ Although these guys are not from church they have a respect and some understanding of what we’re all about.  For all their black clothes many seem to have had experiences of church.

For the next few hours, things calmed down and we had lots of amazing chats, some about God and faith, others about difficult issues they were facing.  The really staggering thing about Saturday was that all the momentum was coming from this group of kids who didn’t know Jesus.  They were asking us why we believe in a  God we can’t see.  They were starting the conversations.  They were even starting to join in the prayer, as if it was the most natural thing in the world.  A small group asked if we would organise a ‘kinda church-type thing’ on Saturday evenings.  We found ourselves surrounded by people just begging us to witness to them.’

Finding the Prayer Room!

IMG_0221 IMG_0222

Do not come to the main Salvation Army entrance, with the small forecourt for cars.  Instead, go round the corner, opposite the Queensway carpark (where they do the carboot sales) and come to this door.  The prayer room is located on the first floor – it is the bay windows that you can see in the first photograph.

There is a stuck on buzzer, on the metal plate to the left of the wall – press that buzzer, and you will be let in. If not, there is a number on the door to ring. We recommend that you come to the prayer room with a mobile phone.  On the first floor there is a toilet (downstairs for the disabled toilet), and tea and coffee-making facilities in a ‘unit’ just to the left of the prayer room.

We are very much looking forward to spending time in prayer and seeing God answer the prayers in an extraordinary way in our community and beyond.