Sharing Book November 2015 24/7

So here are some excerpts from the Sharing Book – that orange/red small notebook in the prayer room that you could scribble in:

Mon 16th Nov

Bit sleepy! But there is a sense of life even at 5am here in Bognor.  Prayed for Olli and Sarah in Plymouth, for the Arun Angels.  A Monday morning is another gospel opportunity for our God!  My cry is for an increase in personal holiness, and a daily burden to see souls saved and lives changed to know the reality of Jesus.


Praying for all the leaders of churches in Bognor and surrounding villages that God will guard their marriages and families.  That he will restore brokenness and bless family life.  For the children of the area, that God would comfort those from broken homes and be the cuddle that they need and miss.


When writing out my ‘confessions’ the pen kept running out; it was as if God was saying, they’re already forgiven and forgotten, erased.  Thank You Lord, Jesus, Saviour! Amazing presence of God here – we want more of You Lord (and to pray more here).

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