Pray for Bognor today:

Today we renew our commitment to be the people of God in this town.

Today we dedicate ourselves to be the servant of God and at the service of our town.

Today we have decided to follow Jesus and to keep the word of God as our guide.

Today we ask God to forgive our sins and transform us again by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Today we ask God to restore his love to us and through us to express that love to all without discrimination.

Today we start again in faithfulness and hope and therefore look to God to give us the blessings that will enable us to be the people he wants us to be.

O gracious God open the windows of heaven and pour out your blessings on us so we will grow in faith and effective witness for you. Amen


Tell Bognor to stand up

Weighing this prophecy for tonight – I will give some context and direction for it.

I saw people on their knees and sitting praying.But they were asking God for the same old things in the same old way. We have to stop drinking from the old wine it no longer has any goodness left. It is time to drink from the New wine only. This means when we stand for Bognor we proclaim and claim everything.We tell Bognor to stand up and we tell principalities what we want. We have allow ourselves to come from a place of almost begging but we carry all authority and it is time to stand tall and proclaim,no old wine and old ways.

The Time is Coming and Now Is

I published this post around 10 months ago: which of these prophecies do we need to walk in now and declare over Bognor?

A big thank you to Bridget McGory who has collected prophetic words during the Sowing Seeds weeks (as dated) when Martin Scott visited the town with his prophetic intercession ministry and worked with Open Gate, King’s Gate, Vineyard, Bognor Revelation (and probably others) to pray and prophesy over Bognor.  Some of these words have already been implemented, but for others perhaps their time is soon coming or now is.  Please get in touch if you have other prophecies/pictures regarding Bognor that you would like to be added to this page for all to access.

Seeds: Martin Scott – God is in this town, people will be aware, people of no faith will sense, feel and acknowledge that God is here.
Seeds 2002: Bognor is a servant city.
Martin Scott: Bognor will enable other places to stand correct if Bognor will first stand in their place. A language training base, an apostolic mission sending base etc. will come out of Bognor for she is rich.
1/6/01 She is gentle of heart and compassionate in Spirit. She has strengths that are yet to be revealed. As I heal Bognor’s wounds so she will heal the wounds of people and places. The frail of mind and spirit will be called to her as they will witness her gentleness. They will not stay here, they will take wholeness they receive back to where they came from and speak of it to many.
As I heal this land ands its people a mantle will be upon Bognor to heal – to heal – to heal.
An anointing is coming, it’s not yet time, but an anointing for healing is coming. Those who have been healed will heal others.
4/10/00 Picture of a tree in winter. The tree began to grow leaves, then blossomed, then fruited. Everyone came to see it because it was an incredible sight. The supernatural will occur in Bognor and she will be known for her fruit.
2001 – Martin Scott said he believed that all of Bognor could be saved
2000 – Seeds: Daniel 7. The Ancient of Days – God’s rightful seat of power over Bognor and beyond.
2014 Bridget’s word when praying for Bognor:
I saw the train station as the end – people only come to Bognor by train if Bognor is your intended destination. God said that as people in days gone by came to Bognor to be physically healed (the sea air and King George) so people are going to come to Bognor for spiritual healing, deliverance, inner and physical healing. They will choose Bognor as their destination. The glory of God will be so heavy that the spiritualist church will leave, they will not be able to stay where such anointing flows.
2004 – He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to the fathers.
Ezekiel 36:33 Bognor will become like the garden of Eden, planted by the Lord.
Jeremiah 33:6-9
I will bring health and healing to it, I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security. I will bring Bognor back from captivity and will rebuild it as it was before. I will cleanse them from sin and rebellion, then this town will be renowned for joy, praise and honour before all the nations of the earth who hear of all the good things I do for it.
Channels are opening in this town for the Lord to move with salvation and healing.
There is a well of healing in Bognor. Instead of shame, a double portion.
The boundaries (spiritually) over Bognor are expanding.
Nov 2000 Bognor will be talked about in the Nation, for the right reasons. Bognor will be an open gate – sending and receiving (Martin Scott). Put your feet down into Bognor, connecting the church and the town.
June 2001 Isaiah 6:2. Married to the land. Finish what you start. Resist the abortion patterns of the past – complete!
June 2002 Rabshakeh Spirit (Martin Scott). This year you will eat what grows of itself, the second year what springs from that. But in the third year sow and reap, plant vineyards and eat the fruit. Do not let the victim / predator spirit prevail – stand by being a servant and deliverance town.
YOU ARE RICH Rev 2:8-11 I know your afflictions, your poverty – yet you are rich.
Jan 06 Seeds: Release of the Apostolic, of signs and wonders. Hezekiah did not consider future generations, we must look forward for the generations to come. Do not settle for less, do not compromise like he did.
Bognor is a deliverance city.
A sound will come out of the town, signs on the seafront heralding a new time and a new day.
Jan 2015: (Kate Pollard) I was walking down to the seafront by the pier and the coffee corner café and other people were moving the same way. There was a sense of unity and it was like a wave moving as one – Graham Banks saw it as a physical thing to maybe do prophetically with some fabric to make the wave linking us all. There was a real sense of joy and harmony about it.