A new vision


A Bognor intercessor recently had this picture and word and is happy for it to be shared on here.  Please pray about it if you have input into prophetic or intercessory prayer groups, or indeed if you feel it applies to individuals you know:

I was speaking to God about his love being the key to all things. Suddenly I had a key of love in my hand. As I looked up I saw before me a gate about twenty foot high, made of wood. I knew at once that it was a Prison Gate of old. I put the key of love into the gate lock but instead of unlocking it spun around in the lock. I realised that the lock was broken and the gate was not locked at all. As I thought this the gate fell silently forward hitting the ground and disappearing into the ground. It absolutely vanished leaving no trace.
Then I saw the people who had been held in this prison, they were so emaciated, very small and looked like they were almost dead.They stood looking at me but said and did nothing.

I began to call them out “Come out!  Come out!  You are free, come out!”
Then God said “It is the Year of Jubilee: all debts are cancelled.  You are free!” There was unmerited grace love and freedom for all of them.
I called again for them to come out, to leave their prison c!othes behind and to come out. I knew their nakedness would be covered by love,and healing would follow.

I absolutely know that a spiritual gate has come down in Bognor Regis today, the captives are free but THE CHURCH needs to call them out and tend to their needs.
Wow is God good? Oh yes.xxx

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