Boiler Room Prayer Update One

We are having an exciting time – we are now over 12 hours into a 48 hour prayer season in the Boiler Room.  We have revamped a little and as soon as you come in it’s a good space to spend private time with God.  One person who prayed in the small hours this morning wrote in the book:

People I needed to pray  for came quickly.  God’s love touched me afresh.

It is exciting that we are twinning with a Prayer Room in Blantyre, Malawi, and we can pray for countries round the world – I prayed for Argentina as it’s the current Operation World prayer focus.  But massive prayer needs have emerged on the doorstep, just as we’re praying.

It’s easy to think: oh, these things can be covered in normal prayer.  But in all my recent experiences of 24/7 prayer, EVERY TIME important prayer needs have emerged that need agreed prayer.  And each time, there has been more than one person there to meet those needs.

What better and more natural (supernatural?) place to arrive and state a prayer need than a prayer room?!  We think that our ordinary spaces are sufficient to encounter God, and to pray on behalf of others.  But prayer needs and declarations of what God is calling into existence appear that would not have occurred to me in a different space.  THIS is what a prayer space does.  It allows God’s agenda to emerge, and God’s heart.

Join us and pray.  There are  slots  still available, especially later tonight/tomorrow morning, and during the day tomorrow.  But even if you can’t make it then, this Boiler Room will not shut down after 6pm tomorrow.  It is available for visiting and prayer in an ongoing way.  If you’re not sure about committing yourself to praying, why not just drop in and visit it, so that you know what you’re letting yourself in for?  Message us so we know you’re coming…

When we go out of our way to meet with God, He always goes out of His way to meet with us.  He always has!  It’s a small thing to do for Him, surely?

PS more photos of prayer walls etc coming on next update!

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