Boiler Room Season


So it’s just a week before we will have a 48 hour Boiler Room prayer time – and you can book to come and pray here

Last time we prayed was a special time for our family.  I noticed a few things, and it’s so important to lay down time to allow God to take it up.   One was that a number of important prayer requests came to our attention.  Partly because we had enough space to notice them.  But it is always the case, when prayer goes on, that urgent needs rise up.  Prayer is always important, it is always needed.  But we allow the busyness of the daily routine to get in the way.  The only way we are to allow the kingdom of God first in our lives is to build it in, let it shape our lifestyle.

A second thing that I noticed is that although we set aside the time to pray for others, God is always gracious and does things in our lives.  I’m at a point in my life where I’m thinking about the future, the ‘second half’, of life: what have I done for Christ, what am I doing for Christ, what will I do for Christ?  I do not currently take extended time out for retreats (although this is something I want the opportunity to do, to hear God more clearly); but having a prayer room in the house, and setting aside deliberate time to pray like this, DOES mean that I get a renewed direction and purpose for the next few months, if not longer.  Dreams start to rise in me; passions start to form.  Intercessory burdens take shape.  We need longer in His presence than we might allow on a daily basis, in order to let the deeper works form in us.

Finally, there were amazing things going on at the intersections of the prayer room.  People coming and going; working on filling up the slots (and it does take a bit of work!); clearing things away and keeping things fresh; also keeping our family going and the daily routines – busier than ever, and yet in a way with more time.  There were moments to chat and share fellowship with one or two who came who did not want to hurry away after they had prayed; there were times when I joined those in the prayer room, although not planning to.  There were visitors to our house who had never come before.  New pathways were trod, and new things begun.  Prayer has a habit of doing this.  Prayer is always an uncharted path when we are seeking the face of God.  One of the things I wrote up on the wall from February back when we prayed was: Start with prayer, go anywhere.

As a boiler room, we are looking to aspire to the boiler room values and practices.  As a normal family household, holding down jobs, involved in normal church, looking after children, we need to be finding out how that happens.  I have a vision to see a number of people involved in the community here; for us to BECOME more of a community, more open, and hospitable.  Today I opened an email from 24/7 prayer, and watched an 8 minute video on hospitality that I enjoyed as one of the practices that a Boiler Room aspires to.  Another one is worship – and this time, we will have some worship sessions to feed into that value – at 8pm on Sat, 8pm on Sun and at 7pm on Monday before we finish the time.  You are welcome to come and engage in worship during that time.

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