Prophetic word on a tremendous shift for all of Britain! — Richard’s Watch

[Amanda Shiflett] I see prayer gatherings beginning to emerge in the United Kingdom in an immense way, and many will be a part of many home churches/home groups, that will be very Apostolic and Prophetic in nature. Much of the prayer gatherings will come from these, and I see a great wave of the moving of God’s Spirit through these groups. It will be a grass-roots movement of God’s remnant there. Many of these home/small groups will even be among those who are considered the “social elite”.

via Prophetic word on a tremendous shift for all of Britain! — Richard’s Watch

Pause and Pray Dates

We hope to be Pausing and Praying, all at Opengate Church, Victoria Drive, from 7:30pm to 8:30pm on the following dates (subject to confirmation):


Mon 13th Aug

Mon 10th Sept

Mon 8th Oct

Mon 12th Nov

Mon 10th Dec.


Nearer each time, we will confirm any particular prayer focus.  Please come and say hallo, and get involved!

Mon 14th May Pause and Pray

Hey there, it would be great to see you at the next Pause and Pray!  We will be meeting at Opengate Church on Victoria Drive at 7:30pm, just for an hour.

We want to come along ready to stand together for our town, ready to see a change.  We want to pray for a blessing and favour, for a hope and a future for all the children and young people in our town.

There are so many needs: we need to think about the teachers and parents, for all the adults that those young people rely on.  For provision, sometimes at the level of food, shelter and clothing.  For education, especially for those facing exams at this time of year.  For good choices.  For those moving away from Bognor, and for those who have just moved in Bognor.

All the children and young people in Bognor belong to God.  All of them need God’s protection and care.  There will be particular young people you have a responsibility for: come along with them on your heart.  There will be needs that you will hear about as we pray that will flame out and give you new prayer burdens, new action burdens too.

Gavin Calver in a video on ‘Thy Kingdom Come’, the prayer initiative that starts on Thursday this week and continues until May 20th, says that when we say ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ to God, anything can happen.  We think we know what future we want for the young people in our town, but God has a more glorious future for them than we can imagine.  Not just small changes, but big ones.

Big changes start with small changes, and change starts with prayer.

See you there!

Ben and Kemi


Pause and Pray!


May I wish you a very happy and blessed New Year?  What better way to start the year than in prayer?

You will have noticed that we have not had Prayer Concerts since the one at St. Wilfrid’s in June.  This is mainly because of my change in role, Lead Elder at King’s Gate Church.

But at the Churches Together Conversations evening back in September, Kemi Adeyefa-Ojomo approached me and expressed an interest in leading some cross-church prayer.  We met in December, and have also had a meeting with others who love standing together in prayer. Thank you to those of you who completed the surveymonkey on prayer which has helped to indicate preferences!  While I did not feel able to organise the Prayer Concerts at the level previously, without taking away from what I am doing with King’s Gate, I am much encouraged by Kemi’s wholehearted attitude to prayer and her servant heart towards the whole church in Bognor.

Monday 15th Jan we will meet from 7:30pm til 8:30pm at the new Upper Space at Opengate Church on Victoria Drive.  Please come if you can make it at all, and also promote amongst those you know who may be interested.  We are planning in future to hold the meetings on ground floor level for accessibility reasons, but please note that regrettably we cannot offer disability access for this first session.

The plan is to meet monthly, for a Pause and Pray – we will perhaps start with a song of worship, share current needs briefly, and then pray either in small groups or together if we are fewer.  There is a lot of vision and appetite for corporate prayer at the moment.  Here is a quotation on prayer that I have not come across before:

When Christ ascended into heaven all He left behind was a prayer meeting. The early Church didn’t have a prayer meeting; the early Church was the prayer meeting. In fact, in the early Church every Christian was a prayer-meeting Christian. –Armin Gesswein

pause and pray January

Joining the Boiler Room

I am more encouraged than I know how to say as I write today, in the middle of a prayer season at the Boiler Room.  Both my wife and I said today that 48 hours is too short a time.  Frustrations there are aplenty, and yet there are more encouragements than frustrations.

We are starting to know the real joy of experiencing community.  We are starting to feel that as people come and go, Christ is among us.  Isn’t that the purpose of our lives?  To encourage and build each other up?  Not just on Sundays, but every day that we go about our business?

For us, because at the moment we can only give small amounts of time over to keeping the Boiler Room open, the points of community are not enough. Now that we’ve tasted of this river, we want more of it.

One thing that has encouraged us this time has been that we have instituted an open worship slot each day.  I think we will definitely do this again, as worship is part of the Boiler Room culture.  Both the sessions we’ve had so far have been small in number, but have been easy and good times.

At the moment, we are finding that people are finding it hard to get out to us.  Yet we want to keep moving forward with the Boiler Room concept.  This may mean having Boiler Room events in different venues, to draw people who would otherwise not be able to make it.   If you have a Bognor venue you are happy to make available, please get in touch.  Otherwise, we may be contacting you!

We are being made aware of critical needs for prayer, and over the last 20 hours of the prayer, I believe that the needs will be sharpened up.  We partner with God to see His kingdom come on earth.  Some of the Boiler Room values that we have not yet leant into include learning, mission and reaching out to those on the margins.  I am going to be praying into those to see what the Father wants.

I have put a sheet up on the wall in the Boiler Room, where people can sign up and say: Yes, I want to be a part of Boiler Room Bognor.  What does that look like? I don’t exactly know yet.  But if you feel a pull in your spirit when you read that – it could be that the Holy Spirit wants you to get involved; if not in Bognor, then in somewhere nearby.  Part of Boiler Room is a geographical thing.  But part of it is global too.  I made a connection today at church with a couple serving the Lord in Angola, Africa.  We are going to be putting prayer needs up in the Boiler Room from them too.

A word given in our church meeting this morning was that God has a party bag for each one of us.  When we get it home, we are to look in our bags.  If there is a balloon, we should blow it up.  If there is a toy, we should play with it.  If it’s a piece of cake, eat it.  He delights in the good gifts he gives.  Being part of a Boiler Room means saying: I’m serious about the joy.  I’m serious about getting time with God, and building my life around the rhythm of intimacy, intercession, mission.