BOGNOR PRAYER CONCERTS 2015 – Discipleship, Restoration, Unity, Healing

You could pray for:
• The church leaders by name
• Young people + children: new Boys Brigade
• The lonely and elderly
• Sunday services
• The healing of the sick
• OpenGate Alpha, Vineyard Alpha, Grace Church Alpha
• Discipleship and growth in your church
• One renewed way of thinking across the churches
• Increased love and friendship between Christians
• New faces and families in your church
• Your church to have an impact in its community networks

You could pray for:
• The Bognor Town Council and Mayor
• Bognor Regeneration Advisory Group
• Bognor Hospital and St Richard’s Hospital, Chichester
• Public witness to Christ
• Christian witness and support for the nursing homes
• Family Support Charity and the Nyewood Infant School Initiative
• St Wilfrid’s Hospice
• Those of other faiths
• Local Gideons placing and giving out Bibles
• Governors, staff and pupils of all schools
• Ravenscourt Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre
• Families healed and divorce reduced
• Protection from theft, violent crime and domestic abuse
• Cycles of poverty to be broken
• Ungodly influences to be weakened

You could pray for:
• Impact of the CAP Money course
• For the poor
• Food Bank
• ROC mentoring scheme
• Redeeming Our Communities Initiative in Bognor
• Arun Angels
• The L’Arche Community
• “Glenlogie” project and the needs of the homeless
• YOB camp ministry
• “Think Family” initiative
• Living Word bookshop
• Fair Trade Vineyard cafe
• Churches to have a passion for mission
• Local businesses to flourish
• Increased retail pull for the town
You could pray for:
• All those in authority (General Election)
• Increase in the number of prayer meetings and attendance
• Answers to all the prayers that have been prayed
• Visible impact of the prayer concerts on the town
• Calling others out to become intercessors
• The Eastern European community
• A renewal in prayer across the churches
• More space for prayer in current church services
• Prayers of faith to be prayed
• A burden of prayer for your street
• All wards, neighbourhoods and streets in Bognor to be covered in prayer

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