Prophetic word on a tremendous shift for all of Britain! — Richard’s Watch

[Amanda Shiflett] I see prayer gatherings beginning to emerge in the United Kingdom in an immense way, and many will be a part of many home churches/home groups, that will be very Apostolic and Prophetic in nature. Much of the prayer gatherings will come from these, and I see a great wave of the moving of God’s Spirit through these groups. It will be a grass-roots movement of God’s remnant there. Many of these home/small groups will even be among those who are considered the “social elite”.

via Prophetic word on a tremendous shift for all of Britain! — Richard’s Watch

Tell Bognor to stand up

Weighing this prophecy for tonight – I will give some context and direction for it.

I saw people on their knees and sitting praying.But they were asking God for the same old things in the same old way. We have to stop drinking from the old wine it no longer has any goodness left. It is time to drink from the New wine only. This means when we stand for Bognor we proclaim and claim everything.We tell Bognor to stand up and we tell principalities what we want. We have allow ourselves to come from a place of almost begging but we carry all authority and it is time to stand tall and proclaim,no old wine and old ways.

Urgent Prayer Request Peter Clark

We’ve had some news that Peter Clark has been diagnosed with an incurable high grade brain tumour.
Many people will remember Peter and his wife Suzanne as the officers here at the Salvation Army Bognor Regis before Marion and Jon. Peter was also the Chair of the CTiBR just before he left. Peter and Suzanne came to Bognor Salvation Army at a crucial time when it needed love and care. They gave the church a renewed sense of confidence in mission and the spiritual and numerical growth we have seen in the church can be traced back to some of the godly wise decisions they made during their time here.
Peter is currently the officer at Flakirk in Scotland, but was on holiday in Salisbury with his sons when he was taken into hospital with a suspected stroke. Further investigation found a growth in his brain. The prognosis is not good – the only medical course of action for him is chaemotherapy to try to stop the tumour growing. Prayers of healing and God’s spirit of peace for Peter and Suzanne, the boys Daniel and Stuart, and the wider family are much needed.