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If like me you read Red Moon Rising a little while ago, or in the old edition, I can understand why you might think ‘Been there done that’.  (If, can I say, you have never read it, apparently like the leader of 24/7 Prayer Movement Brian Heasley, then you really ought to put it on your current reading list!).

However, it was free on Kindle for one day during our 24/7 prayer week last week, and I grabbed it (it’s still only 99p on Kindle) and I’ve started reading it now.  Chapter 19 on Boiler Rooms is amazing, and the introduction and foreword are also great.  I do not remember reading this material quite like this – so I highly recommend it!

For example early days in the Reading Boiler Room (you’ll need to go to chapter 19 to get more of the lowdown):


Imagine this.  It’s lunchtime and things are quietly chugging along, with a few people praying, a few people chatting.  And then, within thirty minutes, 150 young people arrive, thirty of whom are outside drinking beer and spirits out of plastic bottles.  Some are aggressive, and a boom box on the street is blasting out twisted Satanic lyrics to the entire neighbourhood.  About thirty skaters have made themselves at home in the car-park area.  Only two members of staff on duty.

Andy [Freeman] recounts what happened on that particular occasion: ‘The alcohol and the music we dealt with.  One guy came inside and blasphemed very loudly, only to be reprimanded by his friend: ‘Jason, don’t swear!  God lives here.’ Although these guys are not from church they have a respect and some understanding of what we’re all about.  For all their black clothes many seem to have had experiences of church.

For the next few hours, things calmed down and we had lots of amazing chats, some about God and faith, others about difficult issues they were facing.  The really staggering thing about Saturday was that all the momentum was coming from this group of kids who didn’t know Jesus.  They were asking us why we believe in a  God we can’t see.  They were starting the conversations.  They were even starting to join in the prayer, as if it was the most natural thing in the world.  A small group asked if we would organise a ‘kinda church-type thing’ on Saturday evenings.  We found ourselves surrounded by people just begging us to witness to them.’

Finding the Prayer Room!

IMG_0221 IMG_0222

Do not come to the main Salvation Army entrance, with the small forecourt for cars.  Instead, go round the corner, opposite the Queensway carpark (where they do the carboot sales) and come to this door.  The prayer room is located on the first floor – it is the bay windows that you can see in the first photograph.

There is a stuck on buzzer, on the metal plate to the left of the wall – press that buzzer, and you will be let in. If not, there is a number on the door to ring. We recommend that you come to the prayer room with a mobile phone.  On the first floor there is a toilet (downstairs for the disabled toilet), and tea and coffee-making facilities in a ‘unit’ just to the left of the prayer room.

We are very much looking forward to spending time in prayer and seeing God answer the prayers in an extraordinary way in our community and beyond.

Lighthouse Prayer Autumn 2015


Lighthouse Prayer is an inter-church (or no church) gathering for all those who want to pray for revival and change to come in Bognor Regis and surrounding areas.  We regularly get visitors, sometimes from other towns, who are extremely welcome, but there is also a core of us who meet regularly.


There will be a chance to grab a drink, and we would normally sing (without instruments) perhaps a couple of songs and then move into prayer.  Please come ready to pray (perhaps seeking the Lord beforehand) as we only have an hour.  Aim to follow the lead of the Holy Spirit, but the focus is always to seek Him for revival.  If you arrive at around 8pm we always finish on 9pm – you may leave a little later if you are chatting to others.  It is a good opportunity to regularly meet with believers from different churches – please come!

The planned dates for Prayer for this term are:

Fri 11th Sept

Fri 25th Sept – Note, this is National Prayer Weekend, and we will meet from 7:30pm.  Please bring prayer cards with you with prayer requests from the community on.  (See benleney@gmail.com for prayer cards).

Fri 9th Oct

Fri 23rd Oct

Fri 6th Nov.

Fri 20th Nov.

Fri 4th Dec.

Fri 18th Dec.

Fri 1st Jan.

Fri 15th Jan.