Dreaming about Prayer

Let me do a bit of dreaming.  It says in Joel that your young men will dream dreams – I like to think that I’m still young!  I have been reading about the National Prayer Weekend, where it is encouraging us to gather prayer requests from our community, and bring them before God in prayer.  What an opportunity to make the nation aware of the power and the activity of prayer!  It does no harm to try!  There are many things that we attempt, that even cost us money, and we cannot guarantee success.

How can we dream this event into being on the 25th to the 27th September in Bognor?  I dream of a unity among the churches, where Christians are crossing the thresholds perhaps of churches they didn’t realise existed, in order to purposefully pray, for someone they have never met, but who LIVES IN THEIR COMMUNITY and has reached out and asked for prayer.

No one else, but those who have received the gift of faith from God, and become clothed in Christ’s righteousness, is equipped to pray for the world.  Who else can the desperate turn to?  Last weekend, there were thirty or more people who asked for prayer on the streets of Bognor, because there were Christians there to offer prayer!  Let’s wake up, church, and walk as Jesus walked.

I noticed that in James chapter 5 it makes an astonishing claim – it says that Elijah was a man with a nature such as ours, and he prayed, and it changed the weather.  It also says that the effective fervent prayer of a righteous person avails much.  How many lives will be transformed if we just take the brave step of offering prayer, in our schools, in our businesses, on our streets, to our friends.  If we lose something – what did Christ lose on our behalf?  And if we gain something – it will be for His glory.

Follow the link to find out more about the National Prayer Weekend, and please get involved.

Daily Prayer

The prayer below is aimed at helping us to receive more of the Holy Spirit, and follows the seven steps that R.A. Torrey identified are necessary to receive a baptism in the Spirit (which is an experience additional to salvation, although it may come at the same time).  Use it prayerfully to get more help for daily living:

Father, I repent of all my known sin and ask you to show me any wicked way in me.  I am trusting fully in the finished work of Jesus for salvation.  I surrender my will to Yours today, and ask for strength to fully obey You in everything I ought to do and all You prompt me to do.  I know that as a good Father you will give the Holy Spirit to anyone if they ask, and I know it’s Your will that I might be filled with the Holy Spirit, so Jesus I ask You to send Your Spirit on me now in power and grace, that I may serve You effectively today and bring much glory to Your name in what I do, say and think.  Thank You for saving me and for calling me to join in Your glorious and eternal work.  Amen.


Below is an awesome prayer by Spurgeon.  Try not to be put off by the ‘thees’ and ‘thous’ – why not pray through some of it and allow the Holy Spirit to set you aflame as you pray it?

O LORD God! the Fountain of all Fullness, we, who are nothing but emptiness, come unto Thee for all supplies, nor shall we come in vain, since we bear with us a plea which is all prevalent. Since we come commanded by Thy Word, encouraged by Thy promise, and preceded by Christ Jesus, our great High Priest, we know that whatsoever we shall ask in prayer, believing, we shall receive. Only do Thou help us now to ask right things, and may the utterances of our mouth be acceptable in Thy sight, O God our Strength and our Redeemer.


We would first adore Thy blessed and ever-to-be-beloved Name. “All the earth doth worship Thee, the Father everlasting.” Heaven is full of Thy glory. Oh! that men’s hearts were filled therewith, that the noblest creatures Thou hast made, whom Thou didst set in the Paradise of God, for whom the Savior shed His blood, loved Thee with all their hearts.


The faithful, chosen, called, and separated, join in the everlasting song. All Thy redeemed praise Thee, O God! As the God of our election we extol Thee for Thine everlasting and immutable love. As the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, we bless Thee for that unspeakable gift, the offering of Thine Only-begotten. Words are but air, and tongues but clay, and Thy compassion is divine, therefore it is not possible that any words of ours should “reach the height of this great argument,” or sound forth Thy worthy praise for this superlative deed of grace.

We bless Thee, also, Divine Son of God, co-equal and co-eternal with the Father, that Thou didst not disdain to be born of the Virgin, and that, being found in fashion like a man, thou didst not refuse to be obedient unto death, even the death of the cross. Let Thy brows be girt with something better than thorns; let the eternal diadem for ever glitter there. Thou wast slain, and hast redeemed us to God by Thy blood; unto Thee be glory, and honor, and power, and majesty, and dominion, and might, for ever and ever!


And equally, most blessed Spirit, Thou who didst brood over chaos and bring it into order, Thou who didst beget the Son of God’s body of flesh, Thou who didst quicken us to spiritual life, by whose divine energy we are sanctified, and hope to be made meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light, unto Thee, also, be hallelujahs, world without end!


O Lord! our soul longeth for words of fire, but we cannot reach them! Oh! when shall we drop this clay which now is so uncongenial to our song? When shall we be able with wings to mount upward to Thy throne, and having learned some flaming sonnets that have once been sung by cherubim above, we shall praise Thee for ever?

Yet even these are not rich enough for Thy glory. We would sing unto Thee a new song. We will, when we reach the heavenly shore, become leaders of the eternal music. “Day without night” will we “circle God’s throne rejoicing,” and count it the fullness of our glory, our bliss, our heaven, to wave the palm and cast our crowns with our songs at Thy feet for ever and ever!


Our Father, which art in heaven; next to this we would offer prayer for those who never think of Thee; who, though created by Thee, are strangers to Thee; who are fed by Thy bounty, and yet never lift their voices to Thee, but live for self, for the world, for Satan, for sin. Father, these cannot pray for themselves for they are dead; Thy quickened children pray for them. These will not come to Thee, for, like sheep, they are lost; but do Thou seek them, Father, and bring them back.


Oh! our glorious Lord, Thou hast taught us to pray for others, for the grace which could have met with such undeserving sinners as we are must be able to meet with the vilest of the vile. Oh! we cannot boast of what we are; we cannot boast of what we have been by nature. Had we our doom we had now been in hell. Had we this day our proper, natural, and deserved position, we should still have been in the gall of bitterness and in the bond of iniquity. ‘Tis Thy rich, free, sovereign, distinguishing grace which has brought us up out of the miry clay, and set our feet upon a rock. And shall we even refuse to pray for others? Shall we leave a stone unturned for their conversion? Shall we not weep for those who have no tears and cry for those who have no prayers? Father, we must and we will.


“Fain our pity would reclaim, And snatch the fire-brands from the flame.”


There are those who are utterly careless about Divine Things. Wilt Thou impress them! May some stray shot reach their conscience! Oh! that they may be led solemnly to consider their position and their latter end! May thoughts of death and of eternity dash like some mighty waves, irresistibly against their souls! Oh! may heaven’s light shine into their conscience! May they begin to ask themselves, where they are, and what they are, and may they be turned unto the Lord with full purpose of heart.

There are others who are concerned, but they are halting between two opinions. There are some that we love in the flesh who have not yet decided for God. Behold it trembles in the balance! Cast in Thy cross, O Jesus, and turn the scale! Oh! Love irresistible, come forth, and carry by blessed storm the hearts which have not yet yielded to all the attacks of the law! Oh! that some who never could be melted, even by the furnace of Sinai, may be dissolved by the beams of love from the tearful eyes of Jesus!


Lord, Lord, if there be a heart that is saying, “Now, behold I yield; lo! At Thy feet rebellion’s weapons I lay down, and cease to be Thy foe, Thou King of kings “ — if there, be one who is saying, “I am willing to be espoused unto Christ, to be washed in His blood, to be called in His righteousness” bring that willing sinner in now! May there be no longer delay; but may this be the time when, once for all, the great transaction shall be done, and they shall be their Lord’s, and He shall be theirs.


Oh! that we could pour out our soul in prayer for the unconverted! Thou knowest where they will all be in a few years! Oh! by Thy wrath, we pray Thee, let them not endure it! By the flames of hell be pleased to ransom them from going down into the pit! By everything that is dreadful in the wrath to come we do argue with Thee to have mercy upon these sons of men, even upon those who have no mercy upon themselves. Father, hast Thou not promised Thy Son to see of His soul’s travail? We point Thee to the ransom paid; we point Thee once again to the groans of Thy Son, to His agony, and bloody sweat! Turn, turn Thy glorious eyes thither, and then look on sinners, and speak the word, and bid them live. Righteous Father, refresh every corner of the vineyard, and on every branch of the vine let the dew of heaven rest. Oh! that Thou wouldest bless Thy church throughout the world! Let visible union be established, or if not that, yet let the invisible union which has always existed be better recognized by believers. Wilt Thou repair our schisms; wilt Thou repair the breaches which have been made in the walls of Zion? Oh! that Thou wouldest purge us of everything unscriptural, till all Christians shall come to the law and to the testimony, and still keep the ordinances and the doctrines as they were committed to the apostles by Christ!


Remember our land in this time of need. Do Thou be pleased by some means to relieve the distress prevalent. Quicken the wheels of commerce that the many who are out of employment in this city may no longer be crying for work and bread. Oh! that Thou wouldest make wars to cease to the ends of the earth, or, when they break out break Thou the slave’s fetters thereby, and though desperate be the evil, yet grant that Satan may cast out Satan, and may his kingdom be divided, and so fall.


Above all, Thou long-expected Messiah, do Thou come! Thine ancient people who despised Thee once are waiting for Thee in Thy second coming, and we, the Gentiles, who knew Thee not, neither regarded Thee, we, too, are watching for Thine advent. Make no tarrying, O Jesus! May Thy feet soon stand again on Olivet! Thou shalt not have this time there to sweat great drops of blood, but Thou shall come to proclaim the year of vengeance for Thy foes, and the year of acceptance for Thy people.


“When wilt thou the heavens rend, In majesty come down?”


Earth travails for Thy coming. The whole creation groaneth in pain together until now. Thine own expect Thee; we are longing till we are weary for Thy coming. Come quickly, Lord Jesus, come quickly. Amen and Amen.

C. H. Spurgeon’s Prayers

Sowing Seeds Prophecies for Bognor and Others


A big thank you to Bridget McGory who has collected prophetic words during the Sowing Seeds weeks (as dated) when Martin Scott visited the town with his prophetic intercession ministry and worked with Open Gate, King’s Gate, Vineyard, Bognor Revelation (and probably others) to pray and prophesy over Bognor.  Some of these words have already been implemented, but for others perhaps their time is soon coming or now is.  Please get in touch if you have other prophecies/pictures regarding Bognor that you would like to be added to this page for all to access.

Seeds: Martin Scott – God is in this town, people will be aware, people of no faith will sense, feel and acknowledge that God is here.
Seeds 2002: Bognor is a servant city.
Martin Scott: Bognor will enable other places to stand correct if Bognor will first stand in their place. A language training base, an apostolic mission sending base etc. will come out of Bognor for she is rich.
1/6/01 She is gentle of heart and compassionate in Spirit. She has strengths that are yet to be revealed. As I heal Bognor’s wounds so she will heal the wounds of people and places. The frail of mind and spirit will be called to her as they will witness her gentleness. They will not stay here, they will take wholeness they receive back to where they came from and speak of it to many.
As I heal this land ands its people a mantle will be upon Bognor to heal – to heal – to heal.
An anointing is coming, it’s not yet time, but an anointing for healing is coming. Those who have been healed will heal others.
4/10/00 Picture of a tree in winter. The tree began to grow leaves, then blossomed, then fruited. Everyone came to see it because it was an incredible sight. The supernatural will occur in Bognor and she will be known for her fruit.
2001 – Martin Scott said he believed that all of Bognor could be saved
2000 – Seeds: Daniel 7. The Ancient of Days – God’s rightful seat of power over Bognor and beyond.
2014 Bridget’s word when praying for Bognor:
I saw the train station as the end – people only come to Bognor by train if Bognor is your intended destination. God said that as people in days gone by came to Bognor to be physically healed (the sea air and King George) so people are going to come to Bognor for spiritual healing, deliverance, inner and physical healing. They will choose Bognor as their destination. The glory of God will be so heavy that the spiritualist church will leave, they will not be able to stay where such anointing flows.
2004 – He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to the fathers.
Ezekiel 36:33 Bognor will become like the garden of Eden, planted by the Lord.
Jeremiah 33:6-9
I will bring health and healing to it, I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security. I will bring Bognor back from captivity and will rebuild it as it was before. I will cleanse them from sin and rebellion, then this town will be renowned for joy, praise and honour before all the nations of the earth who hear of all the good things I do for it.
Channels are opening in this town for the Lord to move with salvation and healing.
There is a well of healing in Bognor. Instead of shame, a double portion.
The boundaries (spiritually) over Bognor are expanding.
Nov 2000 Bognor will be talked about in the Nation, for the right reasons. Bognor will be an open gate – sending and receiving (Martin Scott). Put your feet down into Bognor, connecting the church and the town.
June 2001 Isaiah 6:2. Married to the land. Finish what you start. Resist the abortion patterns of the past – complete!
June 2002 Rabshakeh Spirit (Martin Scott). This year you will eat what grows of itself, the second year what springs from that. But in the third year sow and reap, plant vineyards and eat the fruit. Do not let the victim / predator spirit prevail – stand by being a servant and deliverance town.
YOU ARE RICH Rev 2:8-11 I know your afflictions, your poverty – yet you are rich.
Jan 06 Seeds: Release of the Apostolic, of signs and wonders. Hezekiah did not consider future generations, we must look forward for the generations to come. Do not settle for less, do not compromise like he did.
Bognor is a deliverance city.
A sound will come out of the town, signs on the seafront heralding a new time and a new day.
Jan 2015: (Kate Pollard) I was walking down to the seafront by the pier and the coffee corner café and other people were moving the same way. There was a sense of unity and it was like a wave moving as one – Graham Banks saw it as a physical thing to maybe do prophetically with some fabric to make the wave linking us all. There was a real sense of joy and harmony about it.

Activating the Bible

Why not take a few of these Scriptures and use them to pray today?


“Until now you have not asked for anything in my name.  Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete.” John 16:24

“Pray continually”.  1 Thessalonians 5:17

“If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.” John 15:7

“Here I am! I stand at the door and knock.  If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with them, and they with me.”  Revelation 3:20

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us…” Ephesians 3:20

“Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” John 14:27

“Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” Romans 10:13

“Take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

“This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us.  And we ought to lay down our lives for one another.” 1 John 3:16

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

And a perennial revival scripture that I am praying at the moment: “For I will pour water on the thirsty land, and floods on the dry ground.” Isaiah 44:3


A new moment in prayer

Lighthouse Prayer

From the moment my senior brother opened with: ‘Jesus, you are the ultimate reality’ and continued praying in that vein, I knew we were in for a good time last night at Lighthouse Prayer.

We were slightly down on numbers, just six of us, I think – but the Holy Spirit made up for it in what he groaned through us.  We sang ‘The Lord is marching out in splendour,’ and also ‘Isn’t He Beautiful’.  A sister read from Isaiah 61: he has anointed ME to preach good news to the poor, and we declared it.  I had read from Leonard Ravenhill quoting Chrysostom:

‘The potency of prayer hath subdued the strength of fire; it hath bridled the rage of lions, hushed anarchy to rest, extinguished wars, appeased the elements, expelled demons, burst the chains of death, expanded the gates of heaven, assuaged diseases, repelled frauds, rescued cities from destruction, stayed the sun in its course, and arrested the progress of the thunderbolt.  Prayer is an all-sufficient panoply, a treasure undiminished, a mine which is never exhausted, a sky unobscured by clouds, a heaven unruffled by the storm.  It is the root, the fountain, the mother, of a thousand blessings.’

And we went on to pray for the town, for revival, for the young people, for Christian women to witness and find their destiny, for each other.  We prayed for boldness to speak the word: we prayed for the Salvation Army to publicly declare the faith, and for the churches in the town to unify under the banner of Jesus and worship in the streets, on the seafront, wherever they can.  We prayed for a wave of incoming harvest as we build up to Easter and this special time of the year for believers.

One brother groaned in prayer more than the rest, and started to pray: “God, we know that revival has begun here tonight.  We have confessed that we need to desire you more, and confessed our apathy, and I believe that revival here has already begun.  Revival has already begun here, among us.”

As we neared the end of our time, I think, a sister prayed the Christians out of their graveclothes, a very powerful prayer.  We all joined hands, and stood up, and released each other into the now blessing, the now testimony, the fresh act that the Lord is doing in us.  And with that, the spell was broken, and we went on our way, slightly stunned at the presence of God.  He’s real.