Pause and Pray!


May I wish you a very happy and blessed New Year?  What better way to start the year than in prayer?

You will have noticed that we have not had Prayer Concerts since the one at St. Wilfrid’s in June.  This is mainly because of my change in role, Lead Elder at King’s Gate Church.

But at the Churches Together Conversations evening back in September, Kemi Adeyefa-Ojomo approached me and expressed an interest in leading some cross-church prayer.  We met in December, and have also had a meeting with others who love standing together in prayer. Thank you to those of you who completed the surveymonkey on prayer which has helped to indicate preferences!  While I did not feel able to organise the Prayer Concerts at the level previously, without taking away from what I am doing with King’s Gate, I am much encouraged by Kemi’s wholehearted attitude to prayer and her servant heart towards the whole church in Bognor.

Monday 15th Jan we will meet from 7:30pm til 8:30pm at the new Upper Space at Opengate Church on Victoria Drive.  Please come if you can make it at all, and also promote amongst those you know who may be interested.  We are planning in future to hold the meetings on ground floor level for accessibility reasons, but please note that regrettably we cannot offer disability access for this first session.

The plan is to meet monthly, for a Pause and Pray – we will perhaps start with a song of worship, share current needs briefly, and then pray either in small groups or together if we are fewer.  There is a lot of vision and appetite for corporate prayer at the moment.  Here is a quotation on prayer that I have not come across before:

When Christ ascended into heaven all He left behind was a prayer meeting. The early Church didn’t have a prayer meeting; the early Church was the prayer meeting. In fact, in the early Church every Christian was a prayer-meeting Christian. –Armin Gesswein

pause and pray January

Evil times and revival

Just read Alec Dunn’s latest segment on why we should pray for revival in difficult times.  I was particularly taken with his prayer points, and will use these again over the next couple of days as I’m praying in the Boiler Room – see his comments below.  I think we are wasting are time if we don’t pray in faith, and if we don’t remember that we are praying to the God of the impossible.  Yesterday I was just thinking how God comes good all the time, every day – even creation would not hold together without his continued inspiration and input.

If you want to read the rest of this ‘Interceder Encourager’ let me know and I can put it up, and a wealth of other material on revival seasons, visit his website

5) The prayer of the Early Church recorded for us in Act 4:23-31 is the clearest passage in the Bible that demonstrates this attitude, and tells us how to respond to difficulties.

  1. Not to complain. Peter and John had just been arrested by the authorities, but when they came back, they did not complain at all. So, we are to act in the same way.
  2. Acknowledge the greatness of God, just as they did.
  3. Realize that God has allowed the evil we are witnessing to take place, just as they did.
  4. Tell God about the situation we are in, and what you are expecting Him to do about it, as they did.
  5. Pray for God to give us boldness to speak out His word everywhere, as they did.
  6. Pray for God to perform miracles of healings, signs and wonders in order to convince people that Jesus is the One whom they should believe in and accept as Lord of their lives, as they did.
  7. Expect God to work, as they did.

We see that the Lord answered their prayer straightaway in the most astounding fashion and continued to answer the prayer in giving wonderful deliverances. But at other times, He did not deliver, but used the difficulties for His purposes. In the same way, as the difficulties increase for us today, we should be praying and trusting, as the Early Church did, asking God to work everything for His purposes.

6) We know that as we work and witness and pray according to the pattern He has given us, there will be opposition, because the devil will be angry at God working. So we should not be surprised at any of the criticism or opposition, including people being arrested and put in prison, or even killed. But we are to continue to pray for God to work miracles and pour out His Spirit and build His Church.

It is going to become increasingly important that we hold on to this pattern, so that, as the opposition grows, we think, not about surviving but about succeeding. We need to always think positively and prayerfully of God working His purpose out, of revival and awakening and miracles, yet alongside the opposition. If the opposition gets greater, we should be looking to God for greater miracles and greater growth.

“To Him who by the power at work within us is able to accomplish immeasurably more than all we can ask or imagine, to Him be glory in the Church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever. Amen.” (Eph.3:20-21)

Boiler Room Prayer Update One

We are having an exciting time – we are now over 12 hours into a 48 hour prayer season in the Boiler Room.  We have revamped a little and as soon as you come in it’s a good space to spend private time with God.  One person who prayed in the small hours this morning wrote in the book:

People I needed to pray  for came quickly.  God’s love touched me afresh.

It is exciting that we are twinning with a Prayer Room in Blantyre, Malawi, and we can pray for countries round the world – I prayed for Argentina as it’s the current Operation World prayer focus.  But massive prayer needs have emerged on the doorstep, just as we’re praying.

It’s easy to think: oh, these things can be covered in normal prayer.  But in all my recent experiences of 24/7 prayer, EVERY TIME important prayer needs have emerged that need agreed prayer.  And each time, there has been more than one person there to meet those needs.

What better and more natural (supernatural?) place to arrive and state a prayer need than a prayer room?!  We think that our ordinary spaces are sufficient to encounter God, and to pray on behalf of others.  But prayer needs and declarations of what God is calling into existence appear that would not have occurred to me in a different space.  THIS is what a prayer space does.  It allows God’s agenda to emerge, and God’s heart.

Join us and pray.  There are  slots  still available, especially later tonight/tomorrow morning, and during the day tomorrow.  But even if you can’t make it then, this Boiler Room will not shut down after 6pm tomorrow.  It is available for visiting and prayer in an ongoing way.  If you’re not sure about committing yourself to praying, why not just drop in and visit it, so that you know what you’re letting yourself in for?  Message us so we know you’re coming…

When we go out of our way to meet with God, He always goes out of His way to meet with us.  He always has!  It’s a small thing to do for Him, surely?

PS more photos of prayer walls etc coming on next update!

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A new vision


A Bognor intercessor recently had this picture and word and is happy for it to be shared on here.  Please pray about it if you have input into prophetic or intercessory prayer groups, or indeed if you feel it applies to individuals you know:

I was speaking to God about his love being the key to all things. Suddenly I had a key of love in my hand. As I looked up I saw before me a gate about twenty foot high, made of wood. I knew at once that it was a Prison Gate of old. I put the key of love into the gate lock but instead of unlocking it spun around in the lock. I realised that the lock was broken and the gate was not locked at all. As I thought this the gate fell silently forward hitting the ground and disappearing into the ground. It absolutely vanished leaving no trace.
Then I saw the people who had been held in this prison, they were so emaciated, very small and looked like they were almost dead.They stood looking at me but said and did nothing.

I began to call them out “Come out!  Come out!  You are free, come out!”
Then God said “It is the Year of Jubilee: all debts are cancelled.  You are free!” There was unmerited grace love and freedom for all of them.
I called again for them to come out, to leave their prison c!othes behind and to come out. I knew their nakedness would be covered by love,and healing would follow.

I absolutely know that a spiritual gate has come down in Bognor Regis today, the captives are free but THE CHURCH needs to call them out and tend to their needs.
Wow is God good? Oh